Phase 3 of R&R Rat Race at The Witch Hazel School


The Scene: night, skeletal pieces of driftwood, small fragments of friendship washed up on the beach of late capitalist dystopia. A few small creatures are stirring in the phosphorescence and the jellyfish decay. Are they friendly? Are they of this world?

Announcing Phase 3 of R&R Rat Race at The Witch Hazel School, a radio play by Asparagus Piss Raindrop. Wherein:

– All characters are based on real people but their names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

– Accompanying sounds will be created using amplified contracts, canned migration and organic folĂ©.

For this performance Asparagus Piss Raindrop are Neil Davidson, Lucy Duncombe, Liene Rozite, Julia Letitia Scott, Fritz Welch

Radiophrenia: performance and broadcast on November 7th at CCA Glasgow