Past Work

R&R Rat Race at the Witch Hazel School Phase 2


A Real Life Radio Play of Murk, Madrigals, Low Splendour and Love Submersion ❤



Enormous Aerials

A Fade in / Fade out Scuba Wizard, and

The Carlisle Toast Clock – extra light and sweet

You know that feeling when someone’s staring at your ear lobes?

You can turn those lobes around just by looking at them!!!


R&R Rat Race at the Witch Hazel School Phase 1

Asparagus Piss Raindrop their collective endeavour Asparagus Piss Raindrop published in the month of August Two Thousand and Seventeen at the very welcome and warmly bibliophilial invitation of Matt and Jess of Good Press issuing forth from archives, hard drives and box files of ourselves and other selves, performers and past endeavours. Commissions ensuing, commentaries and paraphrases, digressions and designs uplifting both the group and the group. Their progress confirmed within prose translations, lists, questions, illuminations, accounts and summaries. Readings thereafter reconfiguring and re-assembling the corpus through radio space and pastoral mediations.


It’s Called Discharge

I love this new piece we’ve written, said Julia. But I think it should be faster. How can we make it faster? Asked Fritz. Let’s put it on wheels, said Julia. Will it be able to go around corners? Asked Liene? Yes, said Neil.

Fast forward to April 2016 >>>>>

It’s Called Discharge

The New Performance by Asparagus Piss Raindrop for 6+ Roller Skaters and amplified Roller Rink. Semi conductor life lines of symmetry exceed centrifugal life boat love ins. Kind of Like the moment you noticed that Cole from Sunset Beach was in But I’m a Cheerleader but louder, faster, longer and with a flashback corner. But seriously: afforded the use of the Roller Stop Roller Disco for crypto conceptual science fiction anti climax music we will continue to push beyond all reasonable limits what live music performance can be. Now and forever.


Star Fruit Ring Nut

The Wind The Wind Cunt


Transmission Infestation November 2014



Asparagus Piss Raindrop return to Glasgow with a month long infestation at Transmission Gallery. The first of three performance events falls on Saturday the 1st November where provisional ‘raw materials of antiquity’ will be performed. These will gradually and insistently worm their way into the group’s hive mind there to ferment until Spring 2015 when the group gag reflex reopens the future of our collective trust angles: Performances in Nantes, Glasgow and The beyond.

Glissanding Dissenters in the Peninsular Bathosphere  – Lucy Duncombe, Peter Nicholson, Neil Davidson, Liene Rozite, Fritz Welch. Glissanding Dissenters In the Peninsular Bathosphere offers a third core sample of APR’s development work; unearthing pre-historical glitter, crystal formation organising and intimacy as felt by metamorphic rocks.


The Scented Jackhammer (Journey)   – Stuart Arnott, John Cromar, Mariam Rezaei, Sue Fitzpatrick, Anna McLaughlan, Lucy Duncombe, Armin Sturm, Neil Davidson, Fritz Welch, Liene Rozite. The Scented Jackhammer (Journey) marks a further excursion into the nether regions of Transmission with participants from previous APR situations. This piece teaches you to travel underground by smell and encourages you to love your children more. Start counting… count until you find it… press down gently…


Shit Bingo Excursions in the Shade of Orthoclase  – Fritz Welch, Julia Letitia Scott, Liene Rozite, Neil Davidson.


Trans Poncho In Posse April 2014 Tectonics Festival Iceland – Neil Davidson, Michael Duch, Julia Scott, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Fritz Welch. This work was a three hour collaborative composition built around slug reproduction that fused synthetically the performers with the asophogeal node points of Harpa concert hall; choking the building in an erotic tour de farce. This project was supported by Creative Scotland.

© Nanna Dis 2014

Summaries of Rue Paul March 2014 Sites of Love and Cannibalism Stereo Glasgow – Neil Davidson, Julia Scott, Fritz Welch. Arcane Black metal game play / chat show / lounge singer vs the drum ritual.


There’s A Cloud That Only Rains Piss And Follows Me Wherever I Go September 2013 Music Language Festival DCA Dundee – Penny Chivas, Alan McKendrick, Neil Davidson, Fritz Welch. This performance amalgamated the following elements: a text paraphrasing the musical prejudices of the main character of Huysman’s Against Nature, a monologue extracted from Alan McKendrick’s play Finished With Engines, a series of a-typical verbs given to an unfamiliar dancer, monosylabic jazz guitar parentheses and eruptive-perambulatory noise events with vocal commentary.


Gargland Ducks the Quince September 2013 Music Language Festival SWG3 – Neil Davidson, Fritz Welch, Lucy Duncombe, Peter Nicholson, Iain Campbell F-W, Anna McLaughlan, Julia Scott. This performance was constructed from 18th century children’s games, Schubert’s chamber music, Death Metal, collaborative dance strategies and a pub quiz.


Dream Within a Dream: last night we died in a plane crash May 2013 City Halls Glasgow – Tectonics / AC Projects commission – John Cromar, Lea Cummings, Neil Davidson, Liene Rozite, Julia Scott, Fritz Welch. Where Black Metal Yoga transects the science fiction cult: a performance that dissected all the worst forms of group behaviour and savoured all the best. 80 minutes of spatial analysis and heavy breathing.


The Final Five – Mono, Glasgow September 2012 – Neil Davidson, Armin Sturm, Fritz Welch. Synthetic Jazz Fusion procedures were applied to a 30 minute durational performance. This gave rise to The Final Five.

Breakfast Bombs the Inevitable July 2012 CCA, Glasgow / Helper Projects, Brooklyn – Stuart Arnot, Tuukka Asplund, Neil Davidson,Nathan Gwynne, Paige Martin, Liene Rozite, Julia Scott, Fritz Welch. Performed in NY and Glasgow simultaneously. 32 minutes featuring Peter Sellers, Carolee Schneeman, ‘The Ancient Ones’, the density of stone and boulder, binary code wraith dust fragment schizophrenia and the Holy Hermaphrodite.


Supergroups Fusion Performance – Old Hairdressers, Glasgow July 2012 – Stuart Arnot, Tuukka Asplund, John Cromar, Neil Davidson, Fritz Welch.

asparagus piss raindrop_version 4

Right Here, Right Now & Was it Something I said? No It Was Just in My Head – Old Hairdressers, Glasgow – Liene Rozite and Fritz Welch. Narration and percussion.

Abduction Songs – Old Hairdressers April 2012  Tuukka Asplund, Annie Crabtree, John Cromar, Neil Davidson, Ben Knight, Michelle Letowska, Paige Martin, Catherine Robb, Liene Rozite, Julia Scott, Fritz Welch. Vocal piece for 11 performers; songs developing the theme of, and instantiating the form of the abduction cult.


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